Strawberry Fro-Yo

We are so excited for the upcoming 4th of July! We made some tasty strawberry fro-yo! This is a great, healthy alternative for your kiddos.


3 cups frozen strawberries (a bit thawed)

1/3 cup Greek Yogurt (dairy -free yogurt, we love the coconut based ones)

2 TSBP agave nectar or honey

1 TBSP TBSP lemon juice

2 TBSP coconut milk/cream (optional)*


Add the frozen strawberries, yogurt, agave nectar (or honey) and lemon juice to a food processor or blender. *If using a non-dairy alternative, to give it a 'creamier taste' add in the milk/cream as well. Blend until the strawberries are smooth.

Transfer into the ice cream/sorbet maker. Mix until creamy, about 15-20 minutes.

Put in sealed container.

Lasts about 2 weeks.


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#dessert #glutenfree

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