Meet our Summer Intern...Kimber

We are so excited to introduce TMGF's summer intern....Kimber Harrison.

Kimber overflows with enthusiasm and joy. She is vivacious, intelligent and ready for any challenge. We love how we present her with a problem, and she excitedly exclaims, "It's a puzzle!" A puzzle we are confident she will put together!

She not only has a great personality & work ethic, but loves working with children. Kimber said, "Before I knew I liked to work with kids, I knew I wanted to work for kids!" Kimber was originally born second of five kids. Right before her senior year of high school, her parents got custody of four more kids. Yep, that's right...that makes nine kids. She saw right then the new opportunities that those four kids obtained just by living with her parents. In that moment, she knew she wanted to be an advocate for children.

And now here she is bringing all of her background and skills to help us here at

TMGF Productions. We are beyond thankful for her to join our team.

Enjoy Miss Kimber's Q&A!

Name: Kimber Harrison

Age: 19

Hometown: Clovis, New Mexico

Degree Attaining: Senior Double Major in Marketing & in International Business

Classification: Senior

College: West Texas A&M

Family: 1 of 9

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Disney Princess: Mulan

  • Why?: "She is every woman! She doesn't have to give up her femininity to save China. She can honor her parents, get married and conquer an evil villain."

Hobbies: Calligraphy, Draw and her many Jobs


  • Volunteer at her local church in the children's department.

  • Works at a local gym teaching the youth fit and youth lift.

  • Interning at TMGF Productions

Favorite Childhood Snack: Carrots

Favorite Meal: Dessert...or breakfast... like pancakes! Because technically it is dessert for breakfast!

Favorite Dessert: Pancakes

Favorite Drink: Coffee

TODAY, What do you want to be when you grow up?: Work for profit with the social & corporate responsibility to help others.

As a CHILD, what did you want to be when you grow up?: A Writer

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