Mock Chile con Queso (Vegan Alternative)

Who says your child can't have dairy free 'queso' that's super yummy and packed with veggies at the same time!? Meet our Chile con Queso made from....eggplants! We love this mock chile con queso and have used it many times for our tasting events. (It's been adult approved, kid approved, gluten-free approved, vegan & vegetarian approved and even West Texas Cowboy approved. But most importantly Glu-tyn-o-mite approved). Be sure to make substitutions as needed!


8 rounds of eggplant, sliced 1/4-inch (half of a medium eggplant)

Canola Oil

Sea salt

1.5-2 cups unsweetened original coconut milk (rice milk)

2-3 TBSP nutritional yeast

1/4 tsp finely minced fresh garlic

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp chili powder

2 tsp tapioca, cornstarch or gluten-free flour

1/4 cup chunky medium salsa, drained (or crushed tomatoes)

Ground beef (cooked) (or black beans substitute)



Rinse sliced eggplant in a colander over water. Let set for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and thoroughly pat dry. (This helps absorb moisture). Preheat oven to high broil 500°F. Line baking sheet with foil and arrange the dried eggplant rounds on it. Drizzle olive oil and sea salt over both sides of the egg plant.

Broil on high for 4-5 minutes on each side. (Watch closely so it doesn’t burn!) Once the eggplant is tender and golden brown, remove from the oven and wrap loosely in the foil to steam.

Now unwrap and peel the eggplant skin away. Place eggplant in a blender with the 1.5 cups (to start) or coconut milk, 2 TBSP nutritional yeast, minced garlic, cumin, chili powder and gf flour. Blend on high until smooth and creamy. Season to taste. Transfer to a small saucepan and warm over medium to medium-high heat until slightly thickened and bubbly – about 5 minutes. The longer you go the thicker it will become. Once hot and thickened, remove from heat and stir in DRAINED salsa or crushed tomatoes.


To thicken, in a bowl, add 1 TBSP flour with coconut/rice milk and combine until pasty! Add into the ‘queso’ mixture.

To thin: add more coconut milk/rice milk

Serve this over our Gluten-Free Tortillas or grab some gluten-free chips and dig in!

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