Whole Note - Flavor that Sings

There were so many amazing vendors at the GFFA Fest this weekend; however, one that we fell in love with was our vendor neighbor...Whole Note.

Please meet Paul & Bonnie Morris, founders of Whole Note Food Company.

After Paul was diagnosed with celiac disease, he put his Engineer Background to good use and meticulously sought to create a gluten-free product that people would not say, "Oh that's good... for gluten-free." He wanted even the pickiest of eaters NOT on a gluten-free lifestyle to love their product.

You see, there's a myth in the allergy-free community, that one must lower expectations of taste and texture now that things like wheat are off limits. As well as, if you want it to taste yummy, it can't be used with healthy gluten-free whole grains.

Whole Note is a company that breaks both of those myths. Every mix has a healthy medley of 7 whole grains! And the taste and texture... trust us when we say, that flavor will sing praises right out of your mouth.

They not only offer wonderful, healthy options for the gluten-free world, but also dairy-free options as well.

Some of their products include:

Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Original Waffle Mix, Original Pizza Crust Mix, Original Crepe Mix, Non-Dairy Pancake Mix & Non-Dairy Waffle Mix and more!

So where can one buy these amazing products? At the Whole Note Store, amazon and surrounding areas in the Houston, San Antonio, Austin & Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

If you have been singing the gluten-free blues, whip up a Whole Note Mix and watch your blues turn to songs of jubilee!

PS - Sweet Bonnie made us some extra pancakes for breakfast the next day. That next morning, after pulling it out of the refrigerator, I realized we did not have a microwave! Myth Breaker #3: gluten-free products only taste good the next day if you use a microwave. False. Whole Note Pancakes tasted good COLD! They truly have a flavor that SINGS!

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