Gluten-Free & More Fest (GFFA Fest)

This past weekend, TMGF Productions attended the GFFA Fest in Austin, Texas hosted by Gluten-Free & More. Gluten-Free & More launched in 1998 under the name Living Without, to come beside fellow allergens to live well and live without.

For the last two years, one can find their magazines with the new name Gluten-Free & More. As well as attend their Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fests, where one can interact with vendors to learn more about their services or sample delicious products.

Pictured: Editing Manager of GF & More, Erica Dermer

We had so much fun and met so many wonderful people!

And it's not too late to be apart of the Fests!! They will be hosting four more in the following areas:

  • Columbus, OH – Apr 30 – May 1

  • Minneapolis, MN – June 4 – 5

  • Portland, OR – October 1 – 2

  • Indianapolis, IN – October 29 – 30

For more gluten-free allergy-friendly goodness check out their web-site here.

Thanks Gluten-Free & More for a wonderful time!

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